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Daniel Hass

Teaching is my favorite way of sharing my passion for music with others, and I cherish the opportunity to collaborate with my students on their musical journeys!

Learning to play the cello not only offers the gift of music-making, but also instills positive attitudes such as the joy of working hard, the freedom of artistic expression, and the fulfillment of sharing these joys with others. These values are invaluable and relate to all walks of life.

Studying with renowned teachers such as Ronald Leonard, Paul Katz, Joel Krosnick, and Timothy Eddy has given me various perspectives on the process of acquiring effortless technique and the tools to make sense of any piece of music. I believe that the best learning is done when we are allowed to relax and take information in intuitively. I like to investigate the mental and physical barriers which often lie under the surface but have the greatest effect on our progress.

Breaking down the elements of playing and approaching one at a time is vital to happy learning. My job is to guide you through that investigation, which can be incredibly gratifying and eye-opening. As much as I’m there to assign exercises and pieces, I especially love to work on music that you have a personal connection to, and so will always ask. Often there is a piece or song that fuels our motivation to get better.

I’m there to help you get there!

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